The Essentials of Sobriety – Breaking Down the Basics

November 13, 2018


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Important Reasons Why AA Coins Were Introduced

Drug addiction is a big tragedy in most countries. Every country is ion the run of overcoming this giant. A lot of youths out there cannot be able to do anything unless they have activated their spirit with the alcohol and drugs.There are several ways of dealing with alcoholism and substance abuse. The drug rehabilitation center has helped a lot in terms of making the victims realize themselves and start their lives afresh.there is also a very common way for seeking help for addiction to drugs alcohol known as 12 step programs such as Alcoholics anonymous or rather AA and Narcotic Anonymous if you like NA. You are likely going to find a lot of individuals who have a testimony of stopping the life of drunkenness and are now living very sober lives. You don’t have to have a lot of achievements for you to be admitted to the program, you only have to be determined to stop the habit of drunkenness.The main intention of the AA group was to help the addicts who had the wish to stop alcoholism and begin new lives. Its members are encouraged to stay sober always and that is why their meetings are sponsored by the program. After the members have come together, they make clear goals and are able to work together towards achieving them. The members of AA are given coins. These AA coins are found in different colors as well as in different materials. What they mostly represent is how long the members have been able to maintain sobriety all through their lives. The period the individual has been sober is the one that determines the number of coins he is going to receive. You will find a lot of reasons why the AA coins are given to the members. Given below are some of the reasons why the AA coins are given to the individuals.

The very mainly known reason why drunkards are given then AA coins is to help them realize their goals in their lives.You know for real that it is a very bad idea to spend life being a drunkard. The coin will definitely remind the drunkard of all his achievements so far. When he sees it, he will hate drunkenness and see how good it is to be sober always.

AA coins also give the individuals the hope of living.The coins from the token shop are just fascinating. When you have them, you have to anticipate to get more.

When the alcoholics are given the AA coins, they are empowered on their journey to attain sobriety. After achieving a certain target, the drunkards are rewarded with more coins hence making them yearn for more and this is good as it is an encouragement from the group as well as everyone who wishes to be a member of the system.

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