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January 14, 2019


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Benefits of Signing a Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is formed when a tenant is granted exclusive possession of land or a building for a certain fixed period for rent or periodic payment. A lease agreement has more advantages to the tenant than the landlord. The lease enjoys more after leasing a house or a land for a long period. There many advantages of signing a lease agreement, such benefits include the following points.

One of the benefits of a lease agreement is that the land or the house is yours until your period of leasing is over. You are free to do what you want with that land or building without the landlord asking you anything. unless you give the landlord the grounds of eviction he does not have any right to ask you to move out of his property before the lease agreement expires. you will always be secured in a lease agreement because in case there is someone to pay double of what you have paid to acquire the same property there is no way the landlord can be able to do anything about the situation apart from waiting your period to end. Leasing has more advantage than renting because as tenant in rental agreement you are not given full possession of the property.

You will only worry about your rent when your leasing time elapses and you need to sign another agreement. After sighing a lease agreement the amount of money that the landlord agreed the beginning of the lease agreement cannot be changed or increased unless you get into another contract and sign another lease agreement which inched the change or the rise if the amount. When a lease agreement is signed there is no single detail can be later changed not even the owner of the property unless your lease agreement time comes to an end. You have the right to agree to another lease agreement or disagree with the lease agreement.

as a tenant in the lease agreement the lesser has the right to do all the repairs and maintenance even if you cased that damage.Such problems may include repairs and maintenance . If anything gets damaged or get broken, and it is not indicated in the agreement the lesser is the one who will do the repair and the maintenance even if you caused the damage. You cannot do something as tenant if that thing is not included in the lease agreement. This is a big benefit to you because you are not bound to pay for any repairs or any damages that might happen on the leased property unless it is mentioned in the lease agreement otherwise all the losses are on the lessor.

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