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January 14, 2019


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Signs of ADHD

Knowing you have attention deficit hyperactivity can be characterized by various symptoms. The sypmtoms of ADHD are always obvious and this makes it hard for you to notice them. There are specific symptoms that only show in children. For instance when children have ADHD they have a short attention span. These children are also distorted very easily. When it comes to schoolwork these children always keep making careless mistakes. Children with ADHD appear forgetful and they keep losing things. Children that suffer from ADHD don’t stick to tasks that make them tired or even utilizes most of their time. Children with ADHD cannot do one activity or task for a long period of time.

Another symptom of ADHD is that children appear to be unable to listen. Failure to listen means you cannot give them any instructions. Organizing tasks is also hard for children with ADHD. Other symptoms of ADHD is that patients that can’t sit still. This is especially in an environment that is exteremely quiet. People with ADHD also keep fidgeting. People with ADHD are always unable to concentrate on simple duties. Excess physical movement is another common symptom of ADHD. In this case they always avoid being in the same place for long.

Patients with ADHD always keep talking. They cannot even wait their turn when having a conversation with other people. People with ADHD also act without even thinking for a second. This is very dangerous because it can lead to accidents. Teenagers with ADHD also find themselves interrupting conversations. People with ADHD also no sense danger. In this case they always find themselves in dangerous situations. In this case children in school always find themselves in trouble. They will never be able to even have conversation with other students. They will always find themselves discipline cases all the time.

Another symptom of ADHD is depression. People feel like committing suicide when they are depressed. Another symptom of patients with ADHD is anxiety disorder. In this case the patient will always be worried and nervous. Anxiety disorders also causes physical symptoms like increased heartbeat, sweating and dizziness. Sleep problems is also another symptom of ADHD. At night they are always unable to sleep. They also have irregular sleep patterns which can be very dangerous. Other symptoms of ADHD include conduct disorder. In this case patients always have antisocial behavior. The patients will always be fighting, stealing and harming other people. Oppositional defiant disorder is also another symptom of ADHD. This causes negative and disruptive behavior. People with authority are the ones faced with this disruptive behavior. Epilepsy is another common symptom of ADHD. Another common symptom of ADHD is that patients have learning difficulties. All these symptoms may be showing you have ADHD because it is hard to know.

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