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March 18, 2019

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The music industry is more complicated than most people think. There are positions in the business no one has ever heard of before, and responsibilities are specifically delegated to people who hold those positions. An artist will want to Submit Music to the A&R coordinator of a record label instead of the top executive. Artists and repertoire (A&R) professionals are the ones who identify, attract, and develop talent. A music file sent to the executive officer may not even be opened let alone forwarded to the right person.

Learning about the Industry

People interested in a music career are better able to navigate processes and know what to expect if they educate themselves about the industry. Artists, songwriters, producers, and session musicians do not get discovered at local venues like in the movies. Most people receive many rejections before making any advances or getting a chance to showcase talent in front of an audience. It is often easier today to gather a fan base on YouTube than to struggle in hometown bars or open-mike nights.

Understanding how the industry works, where it is headed, and the complexities of contracts, copyright laws, and collaboration agreements are essential to becoming a participant. If the assumptions in the mind are that getting into music is easy and fast, people will be disappointed and discouraged quickly.

Free Resources

The internet has a plethora of information regarding the music industry. There are websites that provide articles and interviews, some that offer career advice and review music schools, and others that make in-depth analysis and commentary about the industry on a global level. Other careers in music are explored online, such as becoming a musical therapist or teacher of music theory, because not everyone can perform or play an instrument.

Shop for Products

Software products, contact lists, gear, and equipment are reviewed and sold on websites as well. Contact lists are available in different categories and can be downloaded or ordered in printed form. These publications provide contact information for record labels, entertainment attorneys, booking agents, and management companies. Online courses are offered for everything from learning to play an instrument, writing a song, or getting a degree in musical composition.