Two Broadway Shows Visitors to New York City Will Do Well to See

March 19, 2019


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New York City is a place where there is never a dearth of things to do and see. Many visitors to New York find that attending shows on Broadway ends up being one of the best ways to enjoy time spent in the city. Whatever the Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC visitors will always have plenty of interesting options to consider.

World-Class Entertainment Awaits in NYC

New York’s Broadway is known the world over as a place where truly spectacular shows can always be seen. While many other cities have their own theater districts, Broadway is the top destination for more of the most talented ensembles than any other.

As a result, there are always many shows playing on Broadway that rank among the best and most compelling to be found anywhere. Some of those that are earning applause from audiences at the moment include:

  • Wicked: The Musical. L. Frank Baum’s famous novel The Wizard of Oz gained even more attention and notoriety when it was turned into a movie. Since then, dozens of other productions have put their own spins on the classic, with Wicked: The Musical being one of the latest and greatest. The Wicked Witch of the West has always been seen as a fearsome force of nature, but this Broadway production develops her character a lot more fully. With the eponymous protagonist revealing herself to be more misunderstood than truly evil, Broadway audiences have fallen under her spell.
  • Stomp: The Rhythm of New York. Although not truly a Broadway production, Stomp has been resonating with audiences in New York for a quarter of a century. As an action packed spectacle that plays profoundly on the city’s unique character, Stomp is a show that visitors never regret seeing. While tickets to performances can still be difficult to come by, many regard attending a showing of Stomp as one of the best reasons to visit New York City.

Many More Broadway Shows to Enjoy

With Broadway always hosting many other shows, as well, there will never be a time when visitors will lack for options. Many who spend some free time in New York end up considering their experiences on Broadway some of the most impressive and memorable of all.